Beauty On Your Doorstep

A lot of people are wary of walking too far away from their homes when they first venture out.  There is always that fear that they will start to hurt or feel ill and will need to get back home quickly. To put these people's minds at ease I decided to try an experiment from …

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For over 50 years I have enjoyed a life outdoors, whether that has been caving, potholing, camping, rock climbing, hiking or world travel.  These days I restrict myself to the more manageable and sedate activities such as walking.  Throughout all of this time I have always given  back to the hobby.  Whether it has been …

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Can The Car

It is with great delight that Hill-Walking For The Over 60's announces the launch of their new initiative for 2018 - CanTheCar Virtually every month we receive reports issued by Public Health England, the National Health Service or similar organisations regarding the appalling state of the nation’s health. Whether it is about obesity level of …

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